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How To Set Up Pre-Order on Shopify: A Guide

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How to set up pre-order on Shopify

If you’re a Shopify store owner looking to boost anticipation — and sales — for new products before they hit the shelves, setting up pre-orders could be a game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, Website On Demand walks you through the finer points of pre-orders, from their benefits and how to set up pre-order on Shopify to essential tips for a successful pre-order strategy and answers to frequently asked questions to help you maximize this marketing strategy.

How To Do Pre-Orders on Shopify

Here we break down everything you need to learn how to set up a pre-order on Shopify. By explaining what pre-orders are, discussing different campaign strategies, and more, this guide puts you on the path to becoming a pre-order marketing tactician.

What Are Pre-Orders?

With pre-orders, customers can buy items before you officially release or restock them. It’s an effective business tactic for building buzz and determining demand for future product launches. By making items available for pre-order, you leverage customer anticipation to drive sales and manage your inventory. 

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Orders?

An important aspect of setting up a pre-order on Shopify is understanding its unique benefits:

  • Generate Anticipation: Like the latest smartphone upgrade, pre-orders get customers excited to get their hands on your newest product. By promoting upcoming releases, you build excitement around your brand, leading to increased customer interest and engagement.
  • Capture Advance Sales: Pre-orders let you secure sales before products go live for immediate purchase. This upfront revenue can help offset production costs, gauge demand, and improve cash flow management.
  • Determine Product Demand: Another benefit of learning how to set up a pre-order on Shopify is getting valuable insights into customer demand and preferences. Analyzing pre-order data helps you make informed business decisions about everything from inventory levels and marketing strategies to product development.

To maximize these advantages of creating pre-orders on Shopify, there are different strategies to use, depending on your market and products.

What Are Common Pre-Order Strategies?

Our strategies help you understand how to set up pre-order on Shopify easily.

Traditional pre-orders involve customers placing orders for products that have not yet been released. You can set a specific release date and let customers reserve their items in advance. If you want to get paid upfront, capture customers when they’re ready to buy, or keep customers informed on your latest inventory, consider implementing traditional pre-orders.

With backorders, customers buy products that are temporarily out of stock. When the items become available again, you fulfill requests according to when shoppers placed their backorder. Shopify store owners use this pre-order method when they temporarily run out of a popular item but want to keep accepting orders to fulfill once they restock.

Offer incentives like discounts, exclusive content, or limited edition items to encourage pre-orders. Pre-order bonuses can enhance perceived product value and encourage buyers to buy sooner rather than later. 

What’s the Best Way To Set Up Pre-Orders?

While an effective e-commerce marketing strategy, pre-orders aren’t the easiest to navigate. Like other online marketing techniques, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. In general, check these boxes when learning how to set up a pre-order on Shopify:

  • Clear Communication: Provide the most up-to-date and transparent pre-order information, including estimated release dates, shipping times, and potential delays. Keeping customers in the loop makes them happy and builds loyalty.
  • Set Realistic Timelines: Create realistic product release and fulfillment timelines. Factor in production lead times, shipping logistics, and anticipated setbacks to avoid disappointing eager customers with missed deadlines.
  • Limit Pre-Orders: Avoid making promises you can’t keep by carefully managing inventory during pre-order windows. Setting reasonable caps on pre-order quantities helps you sidestep potential fulfillment snags and shows customers you’re dependable when you deliver their orders on time. 
  • Use Marketing Channels: Email campaigns, social media, and your Shopify store are prime examples of marketing channels you can tap to spread the word about pre-orders. Create engaging content and visuals to capture audience attention and drive pre-order conversions.
  • Provide Flexible Payment Options: Customers now expect online businesses to offer a variety of payment options like partial payments and installment plans. Not only are these options becoming the norm, but they also help make your products more accessible. Payment flexibility can increase conversion rates and satisfy customers. 

Other FAQs About How To Set Up Pre-Order on Shopify

Still wondering how to do pre-orders on Shopify or anything else we haven’t covered? Check out these FAQ answers.

Can you sell pre-orders on Shopify?

You can provide pre-orders on your online store using apps from the Shopify App Store, like Pre Order Now. While exploring options, prioritize reliability and seamless integration with your online store.

Can customers cancel pre-orders?

Typically, shoppers can cancel pre-orders before stores ship a product. Outline your cancellation policy clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Then, post this policy on product pages, during checkout, in an FAQ or policies section, and in order confirmation emails. 

How do I manage pre-order inventory?

As a Shopify store owner, you can track pre-order inventory separately from your regular inventory. Set up inventory alerts and monitor pre-order sales to ensure you fulfill orders correctly and on time.

What if I need to delay my pre-order release date?

If your product release date changes, communicate the new date and updated timelines with affected customers as soon as possible. Offering an incentive or compensation for the inconvenience can improve customer relations.

How can I help my pre-order campaign reach a wider audience?

Collaborate with influencers or brand ambassadors in your target demographic to spread your message and reach potential customers. You can also run targeted advertising campaigns to make sure users who have shown interest in similar items know about your upcoming product release.

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With all the tools and knowledge at your fingertips, mastering how to set up a pre-order on Shopify opens a world of opportunities to supercharge your online business. By understanding the essentials, employing time-tested strategies, and following best practices, you can get customers pumped about your newest products before they hit shelves.

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