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3 Product Launch Best Practices for Online Stores

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Product launch best practices

Congratulations on your new product! Now, it’s time to make some sales.

It’s about more than just sales, though — your release could generate immediate and lasting interest in your customers. You only get one chance, so follow these three product launch best practices: build scarcity, generate interest, and provide a great buyer experience.

1. Communicate or Create Scarcity

Scarcity marketing is one of the most common tactics you should use in a product release. This means that you’re highlighting the limited aspects of the new product.

There are plenty of types of scarcity. You may only have a few editions of an item. You may not know if your supplier will continue to offer the product. Your materials may be seasonal, out of production, or in limited supply.

If you can’t think of any way that your product is rare, don’t worry. There are a few ways to create scarcity just for your release event.

Create Limited Release Editions

Some products lend themselves to special editions, which create a scarce version of your product. For example, you could hand-sign some of your books as an author. You could sew in a special tag for something like clothing.

Offer Add-Ons

Another way to create scarcity is to offer add-ons for a limited number of purchases. For example, the first 100 customers might get a sticker pack to decorate your product.

2. Build Interest and Spread the Word

Product launch best practices include spreading the word in advance.

Once you have great scarcity marketing, you must inform people about your release. One of the most essential product launch best practices is promotion. Here are some ideas on how to get the word out:

  • Promote: Social media is your friend with product launches, as are traditional marketing channels. Promote your upcoming release for at least a few days before updating your shop.
  • Leverage other audiences: Collaborators and influencers have audiences that might be especially enthusiastic about your product.
  • Offer a pre-sale: Pre-sales, particularly when limited, can attract highly motivated customers who might share their interest with friends or social media audiences. This might be a good time for a release discount.

One final thing about hype: Make sure you promptly follow up with a sale. Ideally, you want the product to launch when customer enthusiasm is at its peak. If you’re in doubt about your schedule, stay as flexible as possible while paying special attention to your marketing and social-media audience metrics.

3. Prepare the Technical Side

After you have some buzz going, the last concern is ensuring the drop goes smoothly. You’ll want to ensure that your internal systems and the customer experience are ready for a sales frenzy. Here are some tips:

  • Forecast demand and prepare the appropriate stock.
  • Consider using proprietary channels, such as a Shopify store.
  • Test the purchasing process.
  • Predict common customer questions and prepare cut-and-paste responses.
  • Use your pre-sale as a rehearsal for the main release.

Customers will be excited when the big day comes; preserve that excitement as much as possible. Avoid any technical snags or complications, especially when it comes to customers pressing that “complete order” button.

Supporting Your Sales: Beyond Product Launch Best Practices 

Following these guidelines only works if you have the tools to succeed. For example, even the most popular e-commerce platforms cannot manage pre-order sales effectively. Check out our Shopify apps or contact us today.

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