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10 Tips to Improve Your Website Content

Do you dislike writing your website content? Does looking at Word and seeing a blank page staring back at you give you pause? If content writing isn’t your favourite pastime, you’re not alone! Hopefully these handy tips below will, if not make copywriting fun, at the very least make your copywriting efforts easier and the […]

Keyword Research 101

Do you have pages on your website that have little or no traffic? Think they could be doing better? You’re probably right. It’s time to put those wasted pages to work for your business and get them bringing in traffic! You can put those pages to work by including keywords in their content. But not […]

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

More and more of your website visitors will be coming from people using their mobile phones to surf the web. Is your website mobile friendly? Maya Pande over at the Pande Family Wellness Center (highly recommended for all your Chiropractic needs!),  pointed out a fantastic new service called Duda Mobile (dudamobile.com.) They have a FREE […]

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