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Boost your sales, raise average order value, and manage wholesale pricing effectively with our Shopify apps.

Pre Order Now

When your star products go out of stock, our Pre Order Now app lets your customers keep ordering, accelerating sales.

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Bulk Discounts Now

Skyrocket your average order value with the Bulk Discounts Now app. Offer volume discounts for bigger spending.

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Wholesale Pricing Now

Simplify wholesale management for valued customers. Use the Wholesale Pricing Now app for wholesale and custom pricing in just a few clicks.

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Experience the Power of Website On Demand

Try it for free! Website On Demand apps help Shopify merchants to boost conversions and sales seamlessly.

Simplify Shopify Discounts with Bulk Discounts Now

Take your e-commerce business to the next level with Bulk Discounts Now! Create bulk discounts on your Shopify store in minutes while matching your unique branding. Select products or whole collections for bulk discounts. Easily apply a fixed discount or a set percentage without needing to waste time duplicating variants. Bulk Discounts Now seamlessly integrates with your existing discount codes and works with the Shopify currency converter. It's crafted to operate smoothly alongside pop-up and AJAX carts, too!

Streamline Your Shopify Discounts with Wholesale Pricing Now

Wholesale Pricing Now helps you unlock the potential of wholesale and custom pricing to increase revenue. Encourage your customers to spend more by unlocking greater discounts with customized wholesale pricing.

Our Shopify app allows you to override shipping and tax charges for wholesale orders, making them tax-exempt with a seamless process. Wholesale Pricing Now is designed with a mobile-responsive interface and is compatible with most Shopify themes.

Install Pre Order Now

Pre Order Now transforms 'out-of-stock' into a sales opportunity with pre-order capabilities, restock notifications, flexible payment options, and more. A must-have app for Shopify stores. It streamlines the pre-order process, allowing customers to reserve upcoming products and never miss a release or re-stock.

Pre Order Now has powerful features including pre-order badges, mixed cart alerts, partial payments, product tagging, discounts on pre-orders, and more. Join over 13,000+ Shopify merchants who rely on the Pre Order Now app to elevate their e-commerce business.

Voices of Satisfaction

In this video, Evan, the founder of our outdoor brand, shares how using Preorder Now has revolutionized their approach to product launches and customer engagement.

The founder and CEO of Anne Cate, as she shares how Preorder Now has revolutionized the accessories brand and manufacturing firm based in Cleveland.

Preorder Now revolutionized the workflow for Chris Dudley, a multifaceted professional in music production for film, TV, and live events, as well as furniture making.

The CEO of Hola Monday Maximized Shopify Sales with Preorder Now.  A Game-Changer for the kids wear brand.

Preorder Now helped with Shopify product launches for the clothing brand Taylor Joelle Designs and streamlined their workflow. 

Case Study: Using PreOrder Now on Shopify for a Product Launch on Tiktok