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Is Wholesale Right for your Shopify eCommerce Store?

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Scalable products in high demand are often best-sold direct-to-consumer (DTC) as well as through wholesale channels. Having a wholesale system for your store gives more consumers exposure to your brand and enables you to reach a larger audience.

But how do you start to even do this with your Shopify store?

The way successful eCommerce stores approach this is once they’ve gone through the process of finding a winning product or two, they attach a wholesale option to it.

As a result, it increases their average order value and expands the reach of customers to loyal B2B customers.

Is Shopify the best place for Wholesale?

You bet! Shopify is the most popular platform for B2C eCommerce businesses; Shopify is also a powerful tool for B2B e-commerce shops. Shopify Plus launched in 2014 as an enterprise solution to manage large-scale B2B services including wholesale pricing options.

Shopify Plus can be costly and having a separate Shopify store for a Wholesale System is such a drag

When eCommerce stores are just starting, and are in hyper-growth mode, having agility is essential. More and more business owners need to be able to move with the growth of their stores and adapt to the changes available to them in a rapid motion.

A lot of wholesale apps in the Shopify apps store were created to help the changing needs of these stores.

Choosing the best wholesale app for your store that fits your business can be daunting. The more flexible the app is, the better.

What are the features I need in selecting the best Wholesale App for my store?

There’s a lot to consider and there often isn’t a one-size fits all model wholesale store experience.

Some things to consider when you are choosing a wholesale solution for your eCommerce store are the following:

  1. Allow you to give your customers wholesale/discount prices for a product/collection by providing your customers with a discount and a special price for your wholesale customers only but not your retail customers. This will help you to avoid having to create a duplicate product or a separate store just for wholesale.
  2. Upsell messages on the cart page to increase your average order value but the main objective of this is to reinforce your Wholesale Offer.
  3. When a wholesale customer browses your products, it’s important to display the prices as soon as they reach your product page. This will help them see those epic Wholesale offers!
  4. The ability to brand your wholesale table and prices according to your brand guidelines for a seamless UI experience on your product page. 
  5. Many merchants extend payment terms to their best wholesale customers. These customers are not required to make payment for a certain number of days after placing their order so you need an easy solution to present them with that option. With the Net Orders feature, you can allow these customers to place their orders on your website without taking them to checkout and requiring immediate payment.
  6. Your wholesale customers often want to buy multiple products in your inventory at once. Giving them the ability to order in bulk using a single page prevents them from going back and forth to product pages and adding to cart one by one.
  7. Override Free Shipping and Tax options for Wholesale Customers
    Free shipping is a common strategy for stores, however, this can somehow damage the merchant budget when it comes to Wholesale– simply because the orders are in bulk. You’ll maybe want to be able to exclude Wholesale customers from free shipping and provide custom shipping prices; excluding tax for your Wholesale customers is a cherry on top.
  8. Grant Wholesale prices/discounts to select Customers only allowing rules and restrictions per product.

Did we miss anything that would be of interest to your wholesale customers and Shopify store? 

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