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What is Preorder for your eCommerce Store?

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Pre Order allows Shopify store owners to attract customers and at the same time distinguishes the demand of a particular product before launching it into the market. It can be by way of discount and/or providing buyers the assurance that they save their seats in receiving the product they are interested in purchasing.

This practice is even more popular for best-selling products that are in high demand. It’s also a way of creating hype and demand for new releasing or restocking products.

Preorder Generates Buzz in the market

One of the perks of pre-order is the promotional campaigns that run with the preorder process. It creates hype before the product launches or is restocked and urgency for buyers that are not in your current marketing funnel.

In terms of SEO, Shopify stores can jump a step ahead of the competition. Preorder pages are created before your competitor’s product page hits the market. As a result, preorder pages will often get indexed by search engine results pages (SERP) earlier than your competitors.

Preorder Planning and Benefits

Merchants and buyers have to be on the lookout since pre-orders have a limited time to create urgency and stock to fulfill the orders.

As a Shopify store, a strong plan in place to launch a preorder campaign is essential. Marketing campaigns to alert returning and new buyers of the preorder should start well ahead of the pre-order drop.

For merchants that usually have a hard time keeping SKU’s in stock, and want to always be selling to the constant traffic visiting their eCommerce store, preorders can keep the flow moving and help merchants identify trends in the products that are driving the most demand. This can also help determine a road map for future product launches.

Our Solution to Help Manage Your PreOrders for Shopify

No doubt that Preorder is a great marketing technique used to help Shopify store owners sell more of their inventory from existing and new customers alike. 

Our platform for Shopify merchants is built on the deepest knowledge and latest advances in managing and fulfilling preorders on your store hassle-free out-of-the-box. 

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“We immediately put the pre-orders on for our out-of-stock products and saw a FIFTY PERCENT increase in our sales right away. We learned that most customers don’t care about waiting an extra week, as long as they are told ahead of time and can get their product without worrying.” – Jimmy, Kameleon Swimwear

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