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How to Set Up Wholesale Pricing on Your Shopify Store

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How to set up Wholesale Pricing on Your Shopify Store

Wholesale pricing is an excellent addition to your eCommerce store. You can offer discounts on specific products, create a tiered pricing model, and remove tax costs for customers making extensive orders.

However, how do you offer wholesale pricing if you’ve already built a Shopify store and don’t wish to create another? ****Third-party Shopify apps could be the best answer.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of wholesale pricing and explain to you how to set it up on your Shopify store.

Wholesale and Retail Pricing: What is the Difference?

Wholesale involves moving goods from manufacturing to distribution, whereas retail means purchasing goods and selling them to customers. Distributors and producers charge wholesale prices to retailers. Then, the retailer will charge a customer a higher cost for the product to ensure a profit.

Wholesale pricing can reward customers and businesses with superb discounts for larger orders. That’s why it’s an excellent addition to your eCommerce business if your customers love to buy in bulk.

The Benefits of Setting up Wholesale Pricing on Your Website

1. You’ll Have a Straightforward Wholesale Order Form

The last thing you want is your customers feeling confused before they purchase a wholesale pricing order. A confused customer often goes elsewhere to buy the product—which is a disaster for your business.

However, a third-party app can provide your customers with a simple wholesale pricing order form to ensure you clinch the sale. The order form lets customers buy in bulk, create multiple items into a cart on the same page, and apply wholesale pricing discounts on one uncomplicated form.

2. You Can Apply Wholesale Pricing On a Per Variant-Basis.

Your customers will love applying wholesale pricing on a per-variant basis. You can use tiered pricing to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth process. For example, a third-party app will use tiered pricing tables directly on the product pages.

Therefore, it will be uncomplicated for your customers to understand the pricing options.

3. You Can Remove Shipping Costs and Tax Charges for Wholesale Orders

Customers will feel encouraged to purchase if you allow them to remove shipping costs from the sale. A third-party app can allow customers to override tax charges, which often results in more sales.

In addition, a third-party app can prevent wholesalers from choosing free shipping and allow regular customers to enjoy free shipping from the same website.

4. You Can Display Upsells to Customers

One of the best ways to boost your revenue is by offering your customers upselling options. It can encourage customers to save money by making larger purchases.

However, a third-party app can display upsell offers to your wholesalers before they complete the purchase. That way, your customers will always notice the benefits of upselling.

5. You Can Provide Automatic Discounts for Registered Customers

A third-party app can allow you to use auto-tag rules, which provide customers with immediate wholesale pricing discounts when they sign up without needing to wait.

Only logged-in customers can view the wholesale pricing, so it’ll encourage a sense of curiosity and expand your customer base.

6. You Can Offer Discounts on Specific Products

You can offer wholesale pricing discounts on specific products through a third-party app if you have products that may perform well. This option allows you to create a sense of urgency with your customers, which results in an urge to buy in larger quantities.

In Summary

If your eCommerce store has a wholesale pricing option, you can transform your business and broaden your customer base. The best way to add wholesale pricing is via a third-party Shopify app.

It can simplify the process, help you create the perfect tiered pricing structure, and encourage customers to buy more.

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