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Case Study: How a Shopify Store Leveraged Pre Order Strategy to Pre-Sell 1,000 Units in 10 Hours

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Pre Order Now helped this campaign maximize success

Togethxr runs a Shopify store focused on women’s sports. They successfully used Pre Order Now to capture the tide of an unexpected sales boost stemming from an influencer post.

Within 10 minutes of the post, they had the Pre Order Now app up and running on their store. This rapid deployment allowed them to pre-sell an impressive 1,000 units in 10 hours — sales that would have been lost without a pre-order option.

Togethxr for the Win

Fans and businesses alike are taking women’s sports teams seriously. This is why athletes Sue Bird, Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, and Simone Manuel teamed up with Jessica Robertson to found Togethxr (pronounced “together”).

The women had one mission: to build on the industry’s momentum while maximizing the opportunity presented by an underserved and highly engaged fanbase.

Swift Action Leads to Rapid Results

When Morgan, acting as an influencer, posted a story push featuring the brand’s “EVERYONE WATCHES WOMEN’S SPORTS” line of merchandise, Togethxr could not have foreseen the near-instantaneous surge in demand that came in response.

Pre order now made it possible for Togethxr's hot items to sell quickly.

Recognizing the scope of potential this unexpected exposure presented, the brand acted swiftly, bringing the Pre Order Now Shopify app into the game. With the app, they could replace the typical, non-interactive “sold out” buttons with a backorder capability.

The Power of Pre Order Now

By enabling pre-orders within 10 minutes of the post going live, Togethxr was able to capture instant revenue for their hit merchandise — even when physical stock wasn’t yet available.

This transformed the brand’s approach to inventory management and customer engagement. On the front end, it smoothed out the customer experience while providing a clearer picture of demand on the back end to inform production and supply chain decisions.

Initial Impact: 10 Hours of Buzz

Setting up Pre Order Now on Togethxr’s Shopify took only 10 minutes. The results were nothing short of amazing. In the 20 minutes following pre-order activation, the brand received a whopping 79 orders. Over the next 10 hours, the momentum continued, building until nearly 1,000 pre-orders had flooded in.

For Togethxr, this impact was remarkable, and set the tone for ongoing sales. Here’s the play-by-play:

  • Morgan’s post starts to go viral
  • Togethxr implements Pre Order Now in under 10 minutes
  • 79 preorders come in within 20 minutes
  • 1,000 preorders are on the books after 10 hours

Because of Pre Order Now, Togethxr shoppers also know they can buy hot items regardless of inventory levels — they don’t have to feel frustrated or left out.

Pre Order Now and Togethxr

This initial burst of activity was a clear indicator of the campaign’s potential. This level of engagement far exceeded expectations, showcasing a powerful combination of influencer marketing and responsive e-commerce strategy.

To provide a tangible sense of this achievement, the brand captured screenshots from the Shopify dashboard, illustrating the rapid increase in orders. These visuals serve as compelling evidence of the strategy’s effectiveness and the pivotal role of Pre Order Now in managing the demand surge.

Example of pre order sales in first 20 minutes

The next step was carrying that initial success forward into the long game.

Togethxr’s strategy involves a multi-channel social media push that reinforces the mission message, shares viral content, and always links back to the Shopify product pages. In a smart move for the brand’s reputation, they’re also upfront about the fact that their products aren’t currently in stock.

A combination of hype, integrity, and smart use of e-commerce technology propelled the “EVERYONE WATCHES WOMEN’S SPORTS” line to huge sales after this single influencer post. With Pre Order Now, what would have been a quick sellout of inventory turned into 1,000 preorders.

example of orders from pre order now

The Key Takeaways

Massive social media platforms and on-the-ball campaigning tactics can lead to unpredictable spikes in demand. The close-to-instant implementation of Pre Order Now when TogethXr encountered such a spike activated these benefits on the fly, enhancing customer experience and capturing revenue when Togethxr needed it most.

Aspiring business owners can take notes on the lessons learned from Togethxr’s experience:

  • Influencer Engagement: The impact of influencer endorsements on brand visibility and sales can be profound, especially when the influencer’s audience aligns with the brand’s target market.
  • Agility in E-commerce: The ability to quickly implement tools like Pre Order Now can make the difference between capitalizing on an opportunity and missing out.
  • The Value of Pre-Orders: Allowing pre-orders can help brands manage inventory more effectively, reduce risk, and ensure customer satisfaction.

With 85% of Gen Z shoppers reporting strong social media influence and 44% of the 18-24 crowd preferring women’s sports, Togethxr knows the value of investing in women athletes with strong social followings.

Pre Order Now: A Tool To Support Next-Gen Marketing and Sales Techniques

Pre Order Now empowers brands to collect as much return as possible on those investments. With this simple app, this mission-focused brand can extend its reach and maintain customer loyalty while running lean and keeping up with trends.

The core capability of the app is to enable preorders, but Pre Order Now also contains features that supports Togethxr’s brand identity and values. It enables automatic “Pre Order” banners on product images so customers can instantly know what’s in stock. It also enables automated follow-up emails.

Everything adds up to a better customer experience — a major advantage when buyers are undecided about waiting for a popular item.

Reproducing Togethxr’s Success

Togethxr’s Shopify experience is just one of many pre order website examples that highlights the importance of readiness and responsiveness in the digital age. By leveraging the Pre Order Now app, they used agile e-commerce strategies to turn an influencer endorsement into a significant sales success.

For brands looking to thrive in the fast-paced online marketplace, this case study offers a blueprint for success. Contact us today to learn more.

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